Tarboro Clinic, P.A.

101 Clinic Dr. Tarboro NC, 27886
Phone: 252-823-2105      Fax: 252-823-3164
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About Us

The Tarboro Clinic was founded on January 1, 1928 when three general practitioners and one surgeon combined their individual practices into a group practice. Doctors Thigpen, Harrell, Greene, and Raby realized that they could provide better care at less cost for their patients if they pooled their resources to purchase medical equipment that could not be afforded individually.

Tarboro Clinic was first located in the Harrell Building in downtown Tarboro. Outgrowing this space, the practice moved into a wing of Edgecombe General Hospital in Tarboro. In December of 1951, a building was constructed for the group practice directly behind the old hospital on the corner of St. Patrick and Pitt Streets.

In 1979, with the growing number of patients being seen by Tarboro Clinic, the clinic completed an addition with an added 18,000 square feet of floor space along with renovation and modernization of the entire facility. In 2001, an additional 8,000 square feet were added in order to better serve the community.

Through the years, medical care has become more specialized and the physicians at the Tarboro Clinic have attempted to bring to the community those medical specialties and to enhance the quality of medical care.